Automated Transfer Campaigns

Our Automated Transfer Campaign is a powerful means to help impact and influence legislation and legislators on crucial issues. Activism has never been more simple and convenient. When elected officials receive several calls per day on a specific issue, they take notice. A continual advocacy campaign over a week or longer, provides the pressure and awareness that helps to change votes and opinions. Having worked with Fire Fighters, Convenience Store associations, the Tobacco Industry and numerous other groups, The Stratics Group has the expertise and track record to ensure your Automated Transfer Campaign is successful.

How Automated Transfer Campaigns Work:

A personalized recorded message will be sent out to a targeted phone list. The message can inform your audience of the importance of the issue at hand and provide them with the means of speaking to their elected official by simply pressing a button on their phone’s keypad. Once they press the keypad they will be transferred to the elected official of your choosing so they can voice their concerns.