Virtual Volunteer Cloud Calling

Increase the effectiveness of your volunteer phone bank by over 30% with the Stratics Group’s Virtual Volunteer Cloud Calling Software. All you need is an internet connection or a phone. Our online software (SaaS) is designed specifically with volunteers in mind. Our cloud based Virtual Volunteer Software allows your volunteers to call from the comfort of their own home, office or anywhere. With Virtual Volunteer Cloud Calling you can simply upload your contacts and our Power Dialer will connect your volunteers within minutes to your target group: busy signals, bad phone numbers and answering machines can be excluded to save time. When used with a computer by your volunteers Virtual Volunteer enables you to upload your own custom script for them to read from to ensure quality and continuity of experience. Virtual Volunteer will keep it simple for your volunteers and increase your campaigns effectiveness.


  • Increase your efficiency by over 30%
  • Enables volunteers to call from anywhere
  • Quick to set up and deploy
  • Improves quality and continuity to experience for callers and target audience.


  • Works as a standalone Power Dialer - all you need is a phone
  • Custom scripting
  • Cloud based SaaS enables volunteers to call from anywhere with an internet connection or a phone.
  • Call recording to ensure the highest levels of quality.
  • Third party “hot” transfers for advocacy
  • >Real time remote monitoring of calls from anywhere with only a computer and an internet connection.