Political Data

The Stratics Group understands that successful political campaigns depend on accurate and up to date data. When the difference between winning and losing an election is a quality voter file versus a bad voter file, donít trust the success of your campaign to just anyone. The Stratics Group is committed to providing you the highest quality data available to ensure that all of your hard work pays off.

Why Use The Stratics Group for Your Voter File Needs?

  • National Change of Address (NCOA): The Stratics Group runs voter files through the National-Change-Of-Address system every 90 days, removing voters who have moved.
  • Vote History: The Stratics Group updates voter files from recent county and state files at a minimum of twice a year. This ensures that we have an extensive and accurate voting history based upon years of in-house retention of data.
  • Phone Numbers: We match our voter files to independent outside sources of phone numbers every 90 days. These processes further enhance the accuracy of our records.
  • Ethnic Match: The Stratics Group can match over 70 ethnic types to records assuring accurate assignments to over 85% of voters.
  • Supplemented Apartment Numbers: We match our files to commercial data and append apartment numbers where they are missing in the voter file.
  • Householding: Using our sophisticated programs, we distinguish between single family residences, non-traditional families and apartment complexes to assure maximum voter penetration.

Voter Database Fields

Available Data Fields
  • Individual Profile Information
  • Voter ID Number
  • First & Last Name
  • Address (Mailing and or Residence)
  • Age (Birth date)
  • Gender
  • Voter Registration Date
  • Voter History (last 15 elections)
  • Party ID (last 10 primaries)
  • Ongoing Absentee (where available)
  • Phone Number
  • Telephone Number Confidence Code
  • Household Party Composition
  • Household Indicator
  • Individual District Information
  • County Code
  • Congressional District
  • Senate District
  • House or Assembly District
  • Precinct Name
  • Municipal Code
  • City Code
  • Precinct Number
  • School District
  • County Commissioner District
  • Census Information (Using Zip+4)
  • 2000 Census Track & Block Group
Optional Data Fields
  • Walking List Sort ID (Odd or Even)
  • Ethnic Indicator (surname derived)
  • NCOA Indicator (i.e. voters who have moved from registered address on the voter file.)

Note: By including the NCOA indicator you will also add all voters that have filed a change of address with the postal service. This will add 15% or more voters to your database.

Available File Formats
  • ASCII delimited (comma and quote)
  • ASCII fixed length fields
  • DBASE (Please note this is an extra charge)

Note: Other formats available upon request.

Available Media types
  • Custom CD-ROM
  • BBS/Website

Note: Other formats available upon request.