Secure Conferencing

Our Secure Conference Call platform is a completely on-demand conference call service that allows you to conduct conference calls 24/7 using any type of phone. Set up a conference call anytime, anywhere, without any reservations.

Web-based Conference Management

The Stratics Group Secure Telephone Conferencing service has a web-based conference call management application that is provided free of charge and allows you to control all the necessary tasks required for a complete and orderly conference call.

Easy to Use Features

The Stratics Group Secure Telephone Conferencing Service provides an easy to use, feature-rich platform for efficient conferencing. There are no steep learning curves to conquer and you can start conferencing almost as soon as you sign-up

  • Simple Keypad Commands - A simple set of keypad functions to perform your most frequently used call functions.
  • Detailed Usage Reporting - After each call you will receive detailed usage reporting: time and date of the call, participant caller IDs, number of lines used, polling results, a transcript of the questions asked, number of participants on the call, total call minutes and the total cost of the conference.
  • Polling: Ask participants questions and take an instant opinion poll on the issue.
  • Secure Voting: Participants can anonymously, securely vote on a motion and you can receive instant results.
  • Call Recording - You can record your conference calls whenever you like.
  • Secure PIN Access - Your phone conference room is secured with a PIN.
  • Mute Mode - A mute mode is provided so that one or more speakers can speak without interruption by muting all other participants.
  • Private Greetings - Private greeting available.
  • Dial-Out Features - Dial out of your call to another phone number (US or international) to talk to or bring a person back into your conference call.