The Stratics Groupís Virtual TownHall Meetings

The Stratics Group has worked with hundreds of campaigns and has developed a reputation as the pre-eminent provider of full service Virtual TownHalls. The Stratics Group combines powerful second generation Virtual TownHall technology with the most experienced and professional production staff that ensures your Virtual TownHall is a flawless event and user-friendly.

The Power of Virtual TownHalls

The true success of Virtual TownHalls is in their ability to transcend traditional communication avenues in reaching an audience and capturing their attention. Virtual TownHalls are revolutionary because their interactive and multi-faceted platform enables candidates to attract and maintain the attention of voters. The numbers behind Virtual TownHalls demonstrates just how successful they are:

  • On an average basis, Virtual TownHall participants remain actively engaged for over 15 minutes. Thatís an attention span 16 times greater than the web (57 seconds) and an attention span 30 times greater than a 30 second TV spot.
  • 99% of Virtual TownHall participantís voice messages are positive.
  • Many invitations include requests for invitations to future events and follow up calls
  • Capacity to dial lists of 3 million people.
  • The price per call is far less than postage stamped literature which is less expensive than traditional marketing methods.

What is a Virtual TownHall?

Whether you are a candidate, community organization or a PAC, The Stratics Groupís Virtual TownHall Meeting can help you connect with thousands of individuals simultaneously for a conversation over the phone to help get your message out. It combines features of a conference call with the functionality of a talk radio show.

Individuals are sent a message inviting them to stay on the phone and participate in a Live Virtual TownHall. During the meeting, people will have the opportunity to take part with the opportunity to ask live questions, answer polling questions, leave messages upon the conclusion of the meeting and other options.

Throughout the Virtual TownHall, if participants are interested in asking questions, they can press a button and be placed in a question queue. Professional Question Screeners will summarize the questions for the client and then place the caller back in the Virtual TownHall. The client, who has access to a web interface, will have options to rate questions and choose which ones go live. Through communicating with the Virtual TownHall team, utilizing the staff chat, the client prioritizes the questions and decides when a poll should be asked.

Our Virtual TownHall Moderator, working in conjunction with the TownHall Manager, invites the selected callers to state their questions, asks polling questions and facilitates the flow the meeting.

Upon conclusion of the Virtual TownHall, participants will have an opportunity to leave a message for the client. These messages, in addition to data from polling questions and reports on audience participation, are then compiled and forwarded to the clients within 72 hours of the event (two business days).

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Best Practices

How to best use the Virtual TownHall technology.

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Virtual TownHall

What is a Virtual TownHall?

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Virtual TownHall Outline

Details how a Virtual TownHall will proceed from start to completion

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